Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tarot Tuesday - Tarot and other Pagan Motifs in Cross Stitch

Today, I just want to point the way to a nice little collection of freebie cross stitch charts that portray simple images pertaining to each of the Major Arcana.  Celtic Tarot in Cross Stitch has been around for a very long time, and also includes some minor arcana designs - but they're pips only so not very interesting.

Even if Tarot is not your interest, many of these designs might be of interest - there's a sprig of Oak and Mistletoe for Yule, a Maypole for Beltane, a Greenman, as well as unicorns, rainbows, etc.  I think they'd not only make excellent ornaments or cards, but they're just the right size to stitch a decorative bag in which to store your favorite Tarot deck or other small treasures.

It can be hard to find Pagan cross stitch graphs - it's easier today than it was 15 years ago but it still takes some searching. has a pretty good collection of various pagan symbols worked in cross stitch, I especially like the triple spiral.

On the commercial side, Gryphons Moon has the best collection I've come across... many of these aren't overtly pagan, but rather lean to the Celtic/fantasy side, including Yule stockings and some really pretty seasonal artwork. 

Now, while I'll looking around to see what else is there I just tripped over this sight that has a few free graphs including some really cute sugar skulls for Day of the Dead - not tarot, not even necessarily pagan - but super cute for those still decorating for Halloween or Samhain! They're small and quick to stitch up.  And when you work your way back to the main section of this site, you'll note that Stitch Witch has a pretty large collection of pagan and goddess stitchery in various styles, and graphs are available by mail or as .pdf downloads.

Still pretty light on Tarot - specific charts but this is enough to keep the pagan stitcher's fingers busy.

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