Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HOO Are YOU? Oct 19


1.What was your favorite meal growing up?
I really loved pork chops as a kid - but they don't make pigs the way they used to.  The chops growing up were juicy and tender and full of flavor and the bone was cut like a little T-bone that I'd gnaw on to get every last bit of flavor.  Pork nowadays is leaner  and bland and it takes a lot of doing not to have it be sawdust dry.  So,along with far too many fresh veggies, pork has to get relegated to something that tastes a lot better in memory than it is in reality anymore. (Sign #1743 that I am getting old)
2. What's your favorite month? 
Actually... October!  It is full of color, good smells, a really fun holiday and is generally cool and crisp - and it's like the gateway month to the whole holiday season.
3. What store is most represented in your wardrobe?
Hah... it's been a long time since I shopped for clothes for me.  But, there's a whole section of work clothes from Dress Barn in there - I don't wear them much but hey are taking up space.

4. How many times do you go to the movie theater each month/year?
Maybe about four times a year?
5. Fill in the blank- I've never been able to ___________________
Whistle.  How stupid is that?  That and brain surgery.


  1. Dressbarn really cute store. and Hey whistling is hard! I know what you mean about the pigs but for me, and I am only 22, I think milk tastes different, I mean what is up with that? Cute post!

  2. LOL about the pork. There are A LOT of things, in my opinion that don't taste the same anymore. I always wonder if the food is really changing or if I'm just remembering it wrong!

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  4. I love October too! Everything about it from the change in the weather (NJ) to the colors and tastes of the season!

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