Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Horror Theatre

I am strongly hoping tonight's plans become a regular Halloween month tradition for us - we're attending the Molotov Theatre's latest performance Blood, Sweat, and Fears III: The Red Velvet Curtain.  Molotov is a DC theatre troupe that specializes in Grand Guignol theater - ranging from recreations of the 19th century French plays that comprised the movement, to original horror tales, to adaptations of classic plays (notably Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus) that emphasis the graphic nature of the plot.. no exit stage right or plunging the theatre into darkness to hide what happens - this is the theatre if Freddy Kruger were in charge.

Michael and I attended our first performance at Molotov to support a friend who is one of the founders - but we've returned, sometimes wearing grungy clothes to avoid any possibility of damage from randomly flying stage blood, because they are really good.  NOT for everyone.. and that's ok, because not everyone would fit in the small stage.  But in spite of the deliberate intent to shock and appall, there has also been great humor and moments of heart wrenching depth in every play we've seen so far.  BSF III will be my third, and Michael's fourth, and I'm really looking forward to, even while being intimidated and worried that I might spend half the evening with my hands over my eyes.

Molotov is NOT for kids or for the squeamish (well, unless you like having your squeamishness challenged) - but if you're in the DC area and wanting to experience something off the beaten path, I highly recommend it.  That the troupe is composed of some really fine actors with a creative streak when it comes to props doesn't hurt at all.

It's very strange - I'm not a fan of graphic horror movies - either they seem to just be about trying to make me throw up with a bad plot, or I forget to even watch the movie and start just trying to analyse how the effects were handled.  And yet, there on the stage, not 10 feet away, I forget the props and the unreality of what's happening, and the experience is much more intimate and real.

I keep most of my Halloween doings to the whimsical and spooky rather than the dark and bloody - but this is my one happy exception to that!

In case you're interested:

Blood, Sweat, and Fears III: The Red Velvet Curtain
Oct 15 - Nov 13
8:00 pm Wed-Sun
Tickets: $20.00
1409 Playbill Cafe
1409 14th Street NW, Washington, DC

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