Monday, October 11, 2010

Lazy Meatless Monday

As Michael and I were making out plans for the week, we'd fully intended to go hunt down some museums for Monday, or at least go wander through an interesting part of DC - but between traveling on Friday, Ren Faire on Saturday, and a series of errands and outings on Sunday, by Monday, we were both beat.

I'd figured I'd be giving up my Meatless Monday plan since we were going to eat out (which is not at all the right attitude to have, I know - but it all depends on where we'd have wound up.)

But we were not only not eating out, we weren't in any mood to cook either, and we had a problem - we'd already shopped for the week and accounted for every bit of food in the house.  There was nothing to eat, unless we decided to have cold cereal and maybe a peanut butter sandwich.

Which would have worked, had I not seen an ad for hummus and, from my half reclined position of sloth on the left end of the couch, murmered, 'mmm...hummus...'

We looked at each other. Hummus is real food.  Hummus is GOOD food.

"... I could run to the store if we needed to..."

"...we could just have it on hand and nibble as we like.. between naps..."

So, it was decided - a container of garlic hummus, some pita bread, and assorted veggies - broccoli, cauliflower, some carrots, zucchini and radishes we had in the fridge.  Nothing 'junk food', and nothing more difficult than chopping to do.  We ate an enormous amount of veggies throughout the night while catching up on his DVR stash of 'Fringe' episodes and sipping a nice Shiraz.

Easy peasy and good!

(linked to Midnight Mania Meatless Mondays)

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