Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

We made it back home around 7:30 last night, after a brief stop off at Subway to grab dinner like substances.  The evening was spent catching up with Deanna and allowing Frankie Cat to climb all over all of us and yell at us for leaving her (she was visited for longish periods every day by each of my daughters, but that is NOT THE SAME!)

Other than watching some TV and enjoying my comfy chair (I do so miss you, comfy chair, when I am away...), I didn't do a whole lot - today is going to have to be a work day.  Michael's here on this side until Sunday, but he'll be telecommuting at least part of the time during the day, and meanwhile I am seeing to-dos everywhere I look.

So... it's time for a list - the week's chores (may be more than a week's worth here):

1. Bills - get all the money sent to where it needs to go.
2. Groceries
- make out list
- order from Angel Food Ministries (deadline today)
- shop for fill in items
3. Call Daughter #2 in Nebraska
4. Call Daughter #1 in Maryland

1. Clear out refrigerator and clean
2. Mop kitchen floor
3. Clean out microwave

Dining Room
1. Straighten
2. Pack of box of serving items I can do without for a bit for Michael to take back.
3. Vacuum

Living Room
1. Straighten
2. Dust
3. Vacuum
4. Tidy bookshelves

1. Clean
2. Medicine cabinet - clean out!

Bedroom - longer term project here.
1. Work on declutter - ugh.
2. Box up clothes I don't wear for giveaway.
3. Tidy/sort bookshelves

1. Make Bread Dough
2. Slow Cook a Pot of Beans for the Freezer
3. Inventory Freezer Items

1. Finish off quilt ornament (backing and hanging loop)
2. Start (mumble mumble) ornament for exchange.
3. Make a felt ornament.
4. Print out a couple Halloween printables to display

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