Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baubles, and Babies, and Bread

This week is starting to feel increasingly scattered.  I'm not getting nearly as many things done as I want to, but I am getting things done in bits.

First I'm doing a lot of babysitting for my 16 month old granddaughter, Hailey and she's reached the age where she's not only whole lot of fun - she's also going great guns and it takes a lot of energy and alertness to keep her engaged in ways that don't involve being a destructo-monster.  I've got her all day tomorrow, so nothin' else is getting done then.

(I did this four times?? HOW??! I am Officially Too Old For This)

But I did manage to finish stitching a little bauble - one last little thing for Halloween this year.  I hope to get it finished off before Sunday, but I'm not sure that I will.  Ah well - I'm wicked enough to leave it up after Samhain's passed.

I also baked up the last of the artisan bread dough in the refrigerator - it's going to be about two weeks before I can eat properly, so I gave the loaf to Hailey's parents.

Having made it through that first batch, I regard this as a success - the process works wonderfully.  This dough was supposed to be able to last a couple weeks... it made it a bit over a week, and I think I need to puzzle out the right container a bit more - the top of the dough was starting to dry out.  I also need a little more practice getting the knack of turning it out into the pan to cook - I want a bread board and a stone to bake on, but it's doable without.  It just takes a bit more finesse, and that will come with practice.

Deanna wants me to do it again - but white bread, please.  I don't think I will, though, until I can eat it, too.  It is too much torture to smell fresh baked bread and not be able to enjoy it.

Now having said that, I plan to spend parts of Thursday and Friday making some marshmallow ghosts and sugar cookie skulls - I know I can eat the marshmallows, at least!  So, eating or no eating, I'm not letting the day go by without some sweet treats and a bit of spooky fun.

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  1. So nice to get back to the basics with home cooked food. Ahhh how I love the smell of fresh baked bread.

    Blessings from Fiona

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