Sunday, October 17, 2010

Social Butterfly, That's Me!

I do believe I've been out doing more this past week than I usually do in 3 months!

- Molotov on Friday was a lot of fun.  That was the first anthology set I'd seen of theirs... it had a sort of dark burlesque feel to it, with a narrator of sorts dressed as a hobo clown (I think) and playing a wooden organ in a box - I don't even know how else to describe it, but it was very cool.  He was really ribald and crude (and funny).  There were three short one acts in between his bits that involved murder and sex. (The one in the middle was like a demented Love American Style sketch).  I remember thinking toward the end of the last one act that this had not been nearly as gory as I thought it would be... that sex was the theme of the night more so than graphic violence - when the punchline of that act happened and...ew.   It was a fun night out, but I do like their actual plays better.

- Yesterday morning, we made this Pepperoni Lasagna to take over for a neighborhood party next door - this is the second year they've done this and I really love it - it's becoming very unusual anymore for neighborhoods to know each other, much less hang out together.  We had people there that have lived in the neigbhorhood since the 1940s, and others who moved here this year.  Lots of good food, good blues music being played by the self appointed DJ and an all-round good time.   On request, Michael hauled over his outdoor firebowl to set up there, and that kept things cozy in spite of the cool temperature.

- But we couldn't stay long, because we had tickets to go see Craig Ferguson (I know!) up at Warner Theatre - we took the Metro subway in to avoid parking issues and had a great time.  That man has got some energy, boy!

- When we got back home around 11pm, a few diehards were still relaxing around the firepit so we rejoined them, and got to bed very late.

- But, up early because we're going to church this morning, and it's Soup Sunday.  So I'm about to make Curried Apple Soup... yummm....

- Rest and Relaxation this afternoon.  Tomorrow, I have some doctor's appointments, and then its time to drive home.  Such a lovely visit this has been.

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