Friday, January 14, 2011

I think Zha Zha threw up on my year 'round tree...

Deana had a snow day yesterday, and her boyfriend came over - so I immediately drafted the two of them to help me finally get down all the Christmas decor.  It'd be languishing while I dealt with being sick, achy and just plain too worn out to care.

Between the three of us, it was all taken down and stored away inside of a couple hours, and I moved my year 'round tree back to its corner so we'd all stop running into it on the way to the dining room.

Now, normally, it'd go blue for January - lots of white snowflakes, and blue, lavender and white ball ornaments in various shades.  But we're half way through the month and I'm about to be gone for a week, so it seemed a bit pointless.  Deanna asked if she could decorate it for Valentine's Day and when I said yes, she ran to her room and came out with a couple feather boas, a stuffed toy mouse, and a pink tutu topped with pink leopard print.... hmmm....

Here's the result - the tutu became a tree skirt, the feather boas were draped in the tree along with white and red beads held out from the Christmas stash.   Snowflakes - white, silver, gold, and light pink, also held out of the Christmas supplies add to the Gabor-like sparkle.

The remaining ornaments are a set of red heart glass ornaments I picked up last year and some homemade pink and brown hearts we made a couple years back.

The pink and brown hearts started out life as coasters - part of a wedding supply party set, I think?  I had left them out on a table along with various supplies... markers, scissors and old magazines, stitckers, and just asked everyone to make a heart or two for the tree.  I think I like the magazine collage hearts the best!

Over on the mantle, we left out Deanna's little pink and sparkly tree and added a few more of the glass heart ornaments (and her Barbie shoe ornament because it's pink).  The pink fairy and pink champagne gel candle are also hers.

Valentine's Day is really very much her holiday and we are living in a very pink world right now.


  1. This is so dear. And also kinda familiar. I was involved with getting well and also did get all the holiday crapee but away quickly....usually have a snow man tree, same as you, blue white silver.....not happening this year. But the grands are coloring, glittering and cutting and soon we will be in the land of all things pink, red and messy. I love the boas and the tutu. And you better believe I won't let the grands see this post cuz..........too many new ideas, tee hee. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. I'd thought Valentine's Day would be pretty much done for me when all my girls grew up - but the baby has latched onto the pink and sparkly lifestyle in a big big way. And because it's just the two of us, there are no men under the roof to beg for a little less pink. lol.

  3. My daughter would LOVE this! If its pink & sparkles ...she's in love with it! Thanks for the idea. I think I'll let her decorate a V-day tree too :)

  4. Wow I don't know about all the pink but it's very cute!