Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crazy January Challenge - Day 13

I'm posting this early because I'm probably not going to be doing too much with it - my hands are very tired, and I need to put them to use cleaning house.

This is the wizard from a kit I had, where I'd lost the graph (and threads) and couldn't really identify which company it was from.  Someone here ID'd the kit for me and then a friend of mine remembered seeing it hung in another friend's home - and that friend was willing to lend me her graph.

All I have left to do is a bit of that background mist (worked in half crosses), and some backstitch here and there - and it's going to take some close examination to find where I've already backstitched, and where I haven't, and to try to figure out what color to use, since I don't have the kitted threads (and no, the chart is listing colors, not DMC codes).  

So it's easy work but frustrating, and more than I really want to deal with today.  I laid in three twinkly stars in the mist, and I'm calling it done for today.  I will return to it shortly and get it finished, since it's very close to done now.  I'm thinking it would do best turned into a pillow rather than framed... it has sat in the rollers for so long, that there are bits of the black Aida that are a little worn.  I think this whole project is a lesson in what baddness occurs when you neglect your WIPs!

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  1. OH no! I'm glad you found someone with a chart though. Maybe the chart has listing where you can mail off for more colors?

    I hope your hands feel better soon so you can stitch more!