Monday, January 10, 2011

Crazy January Challenge - Day 9

Brrr!  It's in the low single digits outside and doesn't feel a whole lot warmer inside.  I am stiiiiifffff and creaky this morning, so I'm going to get this posted and then wrap my hands in something warm for a bit.

This is a brown perforated paper gingerbread house - it'll be 3-D when it's finished, and I started it an embarrassingly long time ago.   I think my stopping point came when the holiday season went, and then it just never got picked up again.   I really like it - the colors just pop off the brown paper.

The house is composed of two sections like this, which get folded where the walls meet.  They're attached together to form a cube, and then a wall piece is folded over the top.  There's also a chimney section and some attachable items like candy cane posts.

I got a a good way through the second wall yesterday - quite a was to go yet, but I'll have a nice little shelf ornament for next year once this is finished.


  1. It's looking good I can't wait till it's done.

  2. This little house is gonna be so sweet. Once again congrats on keeping on keeping on. I worked on my valentines yesterday (from 2 years ago) and will be finished by noon today). See what a good influence you are? The Olde Bagg, Linda

  3. This is really pretty - such nice work!