Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crazy January Challenge - Day 2

Today's Challenge project was a WIP - a very long vinyl weave growth chart I stalled out on last summer.  And as soon as I picked it up, I remembered why I'd stalled.  This is where it was when I began today:

And, after a hefty bit of stitching, this is where I'm leaving off today:

Yes, you can see that I got the words finished... and if you're paying close attention, you can tell some outlining was done.  What you don't see is all the white on white - white on white outside the blue line on the cloud, inside...and so so so much more yet to go.  All done on icky to the touch vinyl.  And this big white cloud is just the header to the chart.

This is going to be the next 18 year baby gift, I can just see it now.


  1. He, he!
    You did great work, even though I can't see the white.
    I have an alpaca knit that was abandoned about 9 years ago, thinking of picking it up..maybe, maybe not, but it would make a good blog post, wouldn't it?
    Keep stitching, my friend, Rome wasn't built in a day!!

  2. This is so sweet and cute!
    Looks great so far.

    Keep stitching, it'll be finished before you know it! :)