Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crazy January Challenge - Day 7

Posted a day late, because the death plague turned into a cold, which has now become a miserable cold with coughing fits and tons of congestion.. and I fell asleep and stayed that way a whole lot.  Yay for sleeping, it passes the time. 

I did do a bit of stitching but it was somewhat half hearted - due to the cold, not the project.  This is a Jan-Lynn kit, "Dolphins" and is probably the biggest WIP I had next to the growth chart.  This is where it had been left off.  This is just the center section of the piece.. there is also a large shell motif frame that goes around this, so that the total finished size will be 15 x 15, and nearly all of that covered in stitches.

My instinct is to think I may not get it completed this year - but it seems a bit defeatist to decide that 8 days into the new year, doesn't it?  So we'll see! 

The right time to stitch this is when I am listening to something, not trying to watch - because it's nearly all shades of blue, and there is a lot of counting required to keep the stitches lined up.  I like that the colors are peaceful and the level of complexity requires attention but not frustration (it's all whole stitches)... this is a good chart to work on when needing a break from worry and stress.  My brain was a bit too foggy for it, so I didn't make huge inroads on it, but I can see when I would want to work on it.

Does anyone else do that - choose projects to work on at any time according to their specific traits and impact on one's mood or circumstances?   So far, I am able to see exactly why I left off every WIP...what the catch was, and it seems it has to do mainly with trying to plod on regardless of inappropriate timing.  I think that may be the brilliance of this Jan 15 Challenge - there will be a variety to work on, so when one is 'wrong' for right now, another won't be, and those that aren't being worked on aren't abandoned due to frustration, but because it is simply not their time at the moment.


  1. Ms. Lynda: I used to do lots of needlework until I fell and broke both wrists. That was an interesting development. Soon after I "healed" I gave all my WIP's away to girlfriends who could still hold a needle and so gave up on stitching. But in answer to your query, yes I do pick projects for specific times, seasons, quirky whims.....hehehe. I think it is admirable that you have chosen to "complete" WIP. I made the same decision last fall and have completed and gifted most all of my WIP's, it's a good feeling. Still have some mermaid's to complete and now's the time.
    The Olde Bagg, Linda
    Thanks for posting the Celebrate OZ link, you're a goodie

  2. You made some good progress! I always have several projects on the go and which one I pick up depends on my mood... unless there's a deadline looming for an exchange of course! Sometimes I'll only work on one project for a month, and other times it will be a different project every day :)

    Hope you feel better!

  3. Good Progress! I try to stitch on my Love Quilts project whenever possible so it gets done on time but there are times when I get sick of stitching on a project because it's a lot of one color and I'll move on to something else.

    Fell better soon!