Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crazy January Challenge - Day 11

Challenging challenge day today - first, I had a whole lot of drop-ins, so I was more about playing hostess than stitching.  Secondly - I went to work on this WIP, and realized I've misplaced half the chart.  I have a good idea where it is, but I had no time to go hunt. 

Fortunately, the half I did have began just next to where I'd left off, so it was easy enough to work on it anyway.

This is all whole cross stitches or half stitches, along with backstitch and french knots.  The kit is on 14ct navy blue Aida and the threads are (maddeningly) unlabeled as to brand, so if I misplace or run out of any, I'm sunk.   But it's a fun bit of stitchery.  Today, I worked just a little bit on the wheel around the sun and on the constellation Libra.  Long way to go, yet!


  1. This will be gorgeous. I may have to start doing my wrist strength exercises again....you're making me wanna play again. TOB, Linda

  2. There should be contact info for Dimensions and when I sent an e-mail I was sent replacement floss in a reasonable amount of time. However, my friend did have a different experience :(
    So hopefully you won't have to replace floss but if it's their own thread they should be able to send some back to you!
    It looks gorgeous all ready but I shivered when you said French Knots! Even after my friend showing me a trick to them I pray they come out right. Especially if they're for eyeballs!