Friday, January 14, 2011

Astrology's 5 minutes of Stupid Pop Culture Fame

I've checked in on various news shows a few times over the last few days - mostly seeking weather info, but also just to keep track of what's going on in the world (it's a fine line between pseudo-news glut, and having things like a massive natural disaster happen and not finding out for two days). 

Each time I've checked in for just a few minutes - and each time the same highly annoying bit of 'news' is presented - some astronomer suddenly realized the universe is not stationary, and decides to declare astrology WRONG.  And then no doubt dislocated his shoulder giving himself pats of the back while hollering 'BURN!!" Kelso style.

This is not news.  The Astrology cops are not now going to change your sun sign (nor is any real astrological information confined to your sun sign, but that's a different subject).  THIS ISN'T NEWS, ok?  And it reflects a real lack of comprehension about how astrological charts are calculated and a condescending assumption of ignorance of astronomy by those who study astrology.  (The boy wonder that stirred this up is apparently also unaware that the roots of his field of study came by way of astrology - in order to interpret the stars, you kinda have to have a good understanding of where they are.)

I'm no astrologer, but I do get tired of the irrelevent and pointless getting passed off as news, and very very tired of the idiotic opinions of the misinformed getting this much attention.  Here's a good explanation of what's wrong with this so-called news story, and I plan to just pass it out everytime I hear another person wringing their hands and saying "But I don't WANNA be a Pisces!!"

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