Friday, January 14, 2011

Crazy January Challenge - Day 15 (one day early)

Well this just looks like a whole lotta nothing, doesn't it? (and ew, a hair, how nice)  This is the very top bit of a stone angel's forehead - my own design, yet another Dr. Who motif, this will be a stone angel, hands over eyes, with the caption "Don't Blink" - and will only make sense to Dr. Who fans.

Because it is a solid block of stitchery with a whole lot of color switches, I'm doing it in small blocks to avoid the inevitable miscounting.  I hope.

Next time I pick it up, I'll try to get through enough to see how it'll look when it's finished.

For now though.... I am finished with my January 15 Challenge, and have a whole lot of projects to work on.  I think I made it through with a nice level of variety.  I don't know that I'll get everything finished by the end of the year, but I do think a good bit of it will be, and I also have plans for a few small projects along the way as well.

My full goal - dependent on my hands' level of mobility mainly, is to work through these larger projects and additionally to make one Christmas ornament each month and one ornament appropriate to the current season.  Finally, these trips I take are regular enough that I'm going to make a biscornu for each.  A small square is just the right size for stitching in the car - one going out, the other side coming back.  For this next trip, I'm going to do one with a heart motif.


  1. Um ok I think I need a season or a Dr. to figure out the Dr. Who reference! I've watched some of Dr. #4 and I've seen Season 9 working on 10 and I've seen the Christmas Special and a few other of Dr. #11

    It looks pretty good though! Your hair in there just means it's got your love in it ;) LOL no I pull those out of my cross-stitch!

  2. I just left you an award on my blog. Don't hate me, cuz I think what you blog about is great and wanted others to see your blog as well. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  3. The episode is "Blink" - here's a clip of it that explains all:

  4. Oh thank you Linda! It will probably be a couple days before I can do anything with it but I appreciate that so much! :)

  5. You've made a really good start to the year.Some tf these projects are really beautiful.
    My son is mad into Dr Who, and when I've finished my current knitting project, I've to knit him a scarf in the Dr. Who colours. I'm delighted to do it, though!

  6. Neat! The photo reminds me of a Lite-Brite. Can't wait to see the design evolve. ;D

    Btw, I chose you as a fellow Stylish and Versatile Blogger!