Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crazy January Challenge - Day 5

I think today is the first day I really latched into what I was doing.  Like... humming happily as I threaded needles, frequently thinking, "oooh, I really like this" and feeling a bit sad that I'm going to need to put it away for a bit to focus on the other projects in my challenge.

This is a hybrid new start/restart - it's Theresa Wentzler's Majestic Peacock, in kit form and it's going to be stunning.  About 75% of the threads colors involved blended threads (two threads on the needle to make a sort of tweeded color variation), and it's making for some really rich subtle old-style tapesty depth.  Unfortunately, the kit came with 18ct Aida - on a chart that is tons of quarter crosses and blended threads!  What were they thinking??  That was highly unpleasant to work with, so I put it away, and rather than plod on with the bit of corner I'd managed to finish, I restarted it today on a piece of lovely soft-to-the-touch 28ct Monoco evenweave.  I also took some time to put together my blended threads (making little paper envelopes for  them), at least those required for this corner section.

This is going to be a very challenging project - but the end result is going to be a gorgeous bit of tapestry... and I have a strong affinity for peacocks, so I can't wait.

Each day I'm pulling my projects out of the large bag they're all housed in, so I'm intrigued now to find out what's next!


  1. Pretty colors:) Will we get to see the finished project?

  2. Very pretty, and you made great progress today too!

  3. *wave from a fellow TUSAL stitcher and Doctor Who fan*

    I'm a huge TW fan - and I'm hoping to complete at least one of the six (yes... six!) I currently have in WIP/UFO status this year.

    Looking forward to seeing you stitching.

  4. Looks like a great start! I have a TW in stash I got it on clearance at Michael's because someone had opened the bag but it was all in there.
    Dr. Who designs?! I'm going to have to check that out! ;)