Friday, July 1, 2011

July TUSAL (8 Days Late)

I'm cheating on this post - I have it backdated to July 1st, but I'm posting it on the 9th.  My attempts to post my TUSAL jar on the new moon were thwarted by:
  1. Moving that day
  2. The picture I'd taken the day before packing my actual jar is stuck in my phone and won't sent to me.
  3. Now I can't find that jar.
  4. ...and really haven't done a lot of stitching since then.
There are actually a few little threads down in my new jar (whenever I manage to unpack the other one, I'll add my orts to this one), but for the most part, as you can see, finding a place to put all my stuff has to take a higher priority!

At least I can borrow Michael's camera at will now.  Happy stitching from Lynda at Chaos Central!

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