Saturday, July 9, 2011

Farmer's Market Saturday

There is a Farmer's Market Michael goes to each Saturday that wasn't open today, so we decided to use this as an opportunity to go check out a couple others in the DC area.

Our first stop was FreshFarm Market at H Street - and wow, this is very nearly one-stop shopping for local in-season food.  Fruits, veggies, meats, egg, cheese...   I think we managed to buy at least one item from almost every shop there (and those we didn't, we earmarked for 'next time').

Yum yum yum...

By the time we were done with H St. we were just about spent out - but we took a trip to the Ward 8 Farmer's Market in SE DC because it is closer to home, and also run by an organization we're eager to support.

We bought a couple items here, mostly to be sociable, and chatted a bit with a few of the people, which noshing on a snack of fresh mint tea and a blueberry muffin.

And by then, it was time to head home and fill up the fridge.

Tomorrow, we'll be menu planning for the next week or so based on what we nabbed and filling in the corners at the grocery store.

Check out this haul!

Looking a bit closer:

Squash was 3 for $2.00, so we picked out 6 - two regular green zucchini, 1 Italian style zucchini (it's the pale green one you can barely see), 1 yellow zucchini, and 2 pattypan.  No crookneck summer squash - Michael doesn't like those.  Thinking maybe the yellow zucchini and pattypan will be a desireable replacement.

Three cucumbers, a few jalepenos, 1 head of garlic and a bunch of Swiss chard...

How pretty is this??  Peaches, blueberries, and there are some beets back there, too (along with the beet greens).

Some red potatoes and cabbage, white eggplant and some gorgeous yummy shallots!

And lastly - not nearly as picturesque but quite exciting, some local farm fresh free range eggs, a grass fed sirloin tip roast, and two bags of beef marrow bones for beef broth.

There was also a local pork dealer, and the beef guy had lamb as well as beef. It was hard to not want one of everything!

I can't wait to start cooking with all of this!  Yay, summer bounty!

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