Friday, July 15, 2011

Full Moon Musings

As we continue to work toward melding our household, Michael and I are also putting conscious effort into establishing the sort of habits we want to incorporate - we've each been the solo head of household for a long time (and in his case, living alone), so we're both used to doing things our own way.  It's been fun learning to adjust to doing things OUR own way.

One of those habits is a nightly walk with Sadie Beagle sometime after he get's home from work... usually after dinner when the sun has gone down and it's a bit cooler outside.  Last night it was nearly 10:00 pm - the summer bugs (locusts, I'm sure, along with who knows what all) were loudly buzzing, and the full moon was so bright it competed, and won, for dominance over the street light.  There was a light breeze, and we strolled along in the dark, with the conversation easily moving from what we needed to do this weekend to the way the little things, like the sight of the full moon, or even the sound of insects in the dark, made us feel centered in the nature... feeling the timeless huge expanses of the universe, and the ethereal briefness of life - that of summer bugs, and our own.

The Capricorn Full Moon and the Cancer Sun - seems to fit very neatly into what I'm focusing on right now.  Cancer is domestic and emotional, Capricorn is practical and logical - everything I need to find a place for everything, to bring order to domestic chaos.  It is coming along steadily, if slowly.

One of our goals is to create a lifestyle together that is healthier for us both (and for Sadie!), frugal, sustainable and ethical - a tall order, made easier in that they are not contradictory intentions for the most part. By next year, we'd like to be able to legitimately call ourselves urban homesteaders - this year is the year of adjusting and learning what we need to do to proceed.

I hope this month's moon brings us all the blessings of meaningful work and the groundedness to make our goals happen!

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  1. Hi, that sounds great. I wish I had space to become a lot more self sufficient.
    We try to live as healthy and frugal as possible too.
    Do you know the blog Down to Earth ?? I learn a lot reading that blog. I really love it.
    Have a magical weekend.