Saturday, July 30, 2011

If it's Saturday, it's Farmer's Market Time!

More pretty farmer's market bounty - I'll meal plan around this what we still have on hand later on today or tomorrow.  Monday, we've got a delivery coming from a local creamery... how cool is that, to get dairy delivered??

The light on this is iffy, but we've got some okra, some pickling cucumbers, 3 squash (2 patty pan shaped, and one round zucchini), a bottle of bing cherry cider, and then some meat... tuna steaks, a pound of ground beef, a couple ham steaks and some bacon.

And here, there is some kale, regular slicing cucumbers, a few onions, green beans, blueberries and another big crop of fruit... peaches, nectarines, some plums, and a couple early apples.

Remember that little watermelon I picked up last week - I finally opened it a couple days ago, and look! The inside of it is golden and there is hardly any rind at all.  It's crisp and juicy.. still takes like watermelon, but how pretty!

 Yesterday I was in search of a snack and had just a few little cherry tomatoes left, and so I decided to put together something simple on the fly.

And this is just about as simple as can be - I sliced some of the golden watermelon in a bowl, sprinkled in the rest of my cherry tomatoes, halved, and then tossed in a little bit of feta cheese. 

The tomatoes were very sweet and 'warm' tasting, and it played well with the cool crispness of the watermelon, while the feta offered a bit of savory saltiness.  So simple, and so good.

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  1. That looks so delicious and the combination sounds great, not something you would think of, but I can imagine it tastes delicious.
    Have a wonderful day.