Thursday, July 7, 2011

Unpacking in Earnest - Day 1

Just a little update, before I dive into the day - the College Hunks Hauling Junk guys got the china cabinet set up in about 10 minutes (poor Michael, he's feeling a bit middle aged after he and two friends tried without any success to get the top lifted up onto the base - that sucker is heavy!) and then spent about 45 minutes putting together the table.

I was not a lot of help there - it's been stored, in parts, in my basement for the last 3 years, so I was trying to remember how it went together while we all eyeballed the screw holes and tried to guess how they lined up with the pedestal legs.  The legs attach to a slider that is attached to the table top, so it can slide open to make room for the leaf, when needed.

Eventually, they figured it out and now the dining room is set up!  I'm so happy it all fits and looks good - and today I'll be unpacking dishware for the china cabinet, melding in Michael's Fiesta dishes, and opening up some space in the kitchen cabinets for other things. Hopefully, the kitchen and dining room will be functional by tonight.

(And then I live with it a bit, shift things around a few times, until it feels 'right'.  I hope I don't make him too crazy - he's not used to this!)

I am getting aggravated about NO PICTURES, including my overdue picture TUSAL picture (which would be one I took before I packed it empty mason jar since I haven't yet found it.  The New Moon hit smack on moving day, when there was no time and no internet.)  My LG Rumor Touch has suddenly decided it doesn't wish to sent photos via email - I have three tries 'pending' - and worse, I can't seem to cancel the pends either.  Grrr.

One more thing to solve, but meanwhile this means I've got no cameral.  Michael's promised to hunt for his tonight - but for the next little while, everything is hard to access, and I'll sprinkle in pictures when I can.

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  1. You're doing great!
    It seems to be all coming together for you now. I really like the sound of those College Hunks!