Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wow - great stitchy giveaway

Check out this incredibly generous Christmas in July giveaway from Seasons of the Mind!  Three, count 'em, three Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issues, 5 lovely Little House ornament graphs, a packet of cute pins, and some gorgeous, gorgeous floss.  Just the right collection to forget about the mugginess for a little while.  If I win, I'll have to hand this over to Michael to hide for a few weeks, until I finish getting things unpacked and organized, or I will leave it all undone to play with my stash and mentally fast forward to Christmas.

I've located most of my stash (yes, I took extra care to not let that get lost in the move) - except I can't find my TUSAL jar!  Because - you know - I put that in a SUPER DUPER SPECIAL place so it wouldn't get lost.  Sigh...

This afternoon we've got some guys (they bill themselves as College Hunks Moving Junk) coming over for a couple hours to do some heavy lifting - to place the top half of my china cabinet on it's base, put together the dining room table, move his washer and dryer out and put mine in.

That last sounds silly.. my machines are more heavy duty, but his are newer - but the bottom line reason why is because starting his involves pulling out a big round knob that has NO way to grip it, and it's beyond my arthritic hands to do that about 80% of the time.  So excess labor now so that for the next few years, laundry doesn't have to wait until he's around to do it.

Once those items are in place, it'll be easier to get a good chunk of stuff unpacked - dishes into the cabinet to free up space in the kitchen, etc, etc.  This isn't going to be a fast project, but that'll be a critical early step.

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  1. Thank you for following and entering my giveaway. Good luck!

    Can't wait to get to know you and your blog.