Sunday, July 24, 2011

Buy Local Challenge Week - July 23-31

"I pledge to eat at least one thing from a local farm every day during Buy Local Week." - Maryland Buy Local Challenge.

Michael and I have been doing this pretty much all month, but we were happy to sign the pledge and make it official.

Day 1 was farmer's market day, so we grabbed out provisions for the week.  No meat needed this time around (the freezer's stocked with locally raised pastured meat), and no eggs were available, but the veggies and fruits are plentiful:

Clockwise from the back: Oriental Melon, Watermelon (can't recall the variety - it's very small), 3 patty pan squashes, 6 ears of corn, a feta 'sampler' pack, some Jack Cheese, a head of lettuce, 1 white onion, a pint of red onions, a bundle of shallots, and a half dozen poblano peppers.

A pint of tomatillos, and one of burstingly sweet cherry tomatoes.

A whole lotta plum tomatoes, so I can do some preserving this week.

And finally, peaches and nectarines - the ones in the bowl are perfect for eating out of hand over the next few days, while the ones in the bag are riper and will be used in cooking.

Later today, I'll plan our meals for the week around this bounty.

So... how did the local EATING go yesterday?  Not so great, honestly - we were on the run all day, and it was insanely hot and humid, so what food we did eat was grabbed on the run.  This is what I ate yesterday:

Homemade yogurt, topped with fresh cherry sauce and muesli.
A good breakfast... the milk for the yogurt was pastured, but it was store bought, and I'm not sure if it was local.  The cherries were also grocery store cherries, and I don't remember if I'd got them in the local produce section or not.  So I can't count any of this.

Lunch (snack):
a fresh nectarine from the farmer's market - this counts!

Late lunch/early dinner:
We ate out and I had a cubana sandwich and potato chips that were made onsite, but I doubt the potatoes are locally raised.  And a locally brewed beer - but I'm not sure that should count either!  So nope... didn't succeed at eating locally while we were out on the run.

Late evening snack (I was so hot and mildly sunstrokey from being out in the heat all day I couldn't eat):
a small handful of farmer's market cherry tomatoes.

So my challenge total was 1 nectarine and about 5 cherry tomatoes.  It's as start!

As to what had us out in that heat - after the farmer's market, we dropped our goodies off at home, and headed out to the library, and then went to one of the Borders that's in the process of shutting down to see if there was anything we wanted to pick up.

Well - apparently Borders has decided to stop spending money on air conditioning - it was 100F outside, and about 120F inside, which I think is a really horrible way to treat the employees that are about to lose their jobs!  They'd already sold off or removed their seats, so there was no way to rest in that oppressive atmosphere.  I would have picked up a couple magazine issues at 40% off (mainly British cross stitch mags), and tried to see what was on the shelves - but the books were mostly only 10% off and the lines to check out were snaking through the store - and after a bit, I couldn't even think straight, so we left and found somewhere to eat, hydrate and cool off. So that was a bust.

By the time we got home to give Sadie Beagle a chance to run around outside for a bit, it was time to head off again, back into the city for the last play of the this year's Fringe season.  We saw an interesting play about Picasso (older Picasso comes back to younger Picasso to tell him what's coming ... and in the process destroys his relationship with the woman that's been by his side through the starving artist times).  Very well done, and we'll keep an eye on those actors for next year.

Hmm...does 'buying local' include supporting local art??

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