Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stash to Stitch

Before I do another thing, I want to make sure to note this - over a week ago now, I received my package - a giveaway from Sharon's Cross Stitch Obsession with 3, count 'em, THREE Halloween projects.  Each of these have some sort of interesting technique I've not tried.... unique finishing, or touches of bead work to keep things exciting. The Pretty Wicked witch comes with a fun frame. "Count LeScarrot" comes with charms and frizzled green hair.  And the beaded "Trick or Treat" ornament is just so pretty I was tempted to do it now anyway - and might have if I didn't have so much Christmas stitching to do. I'm not likely to actually dive into any of these until late next summer - but I'm so excited to know that I'll have at least three fun new Halloween pretties next year - these are really adorable additions to my stash.   Thanks, again, Sharon!

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