Sunday, November 21, 2010

Momentarily Up for Air

Things really went into overdrive this week preparing for our trip out to my oldest daughter's home for Thanksgiving, and when something had to give, it turned out to be this blog.  But oh my, I check back in and I'm over 50 followers, and have a lot of comments to check out and respond to - and I will, I promise, but not until later in the week - we are leaving at 9am tomorrow, and it's nearly midnight, and I've still got packing to finish.

But! I did get their ornaments done, so here's one last look at these before I give them to them tomorrow (no picture of the parent's ornament - I've shown it enough, and it's finished up the same ways as these):

I'm very happy with how they turned out - I'm always a bit intimidated by finishing needlework - how to go about it, and what if I mess it up??  There were done simply - laced over a rectangle of foam board that was covered with a layer of thick white felt - and then backed with some brown felt.  No cording around the edges, as I couldn't find what I wanted to use, and then they just seemed to be done to me without any additional embellishment.

Daughter #2 and her four children are up next - I did the ornament for her and her husband a bit ago, and wanted to stitch the kid's ornaments to go with it, loosely - they each had something special to incorporate - the oldest boy has a favorite blue and white stuffed dog, the girl was on her first soccer team this year (named the Bunnies... so a bunny and  soccer ball for her), the third child is in love with dinosaurs, and the baby is nicknamed 'bear'.  The stitching is done, and I'll finish them when I return home next weekend:

That's it for now - off to finish packing!