Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stitching Progress - Majestic Peaock

No babysitting yesterday, and I took advantage of the lack of curious little hands to work more on what is the most complicated of my Challenge projects - Theresa Wentzler's Majestic Peacock from Day 5.

What makes this complex is all the blended threads - which means that it takes a lot of prep time to create and store the blended threads before the stitching even starts. 

But, being able to leave them out for the day, I was able to make good progress even while being busy doing other things as well.  I got the branch section finished as well as the apples and leaves surrounding it, and began work on the peacock.

I am tempted to just stay with it for awhile, but I think I want to make sure I work on each piece at least once each month, and then use the second half of the month to work on smaller projects as well as focus on one of these projects for a few days.  This month that project has to be the blackwork chalice because it needs to be finished in March.

But I really am loving this peacock a lot, and looking forward to coming back to it.


  1. great progress, It looks great.
    Your stitches are so beautiful and neat!

    Looking forward to seeing more. :)

    Happy stitching

  2. I'm in awe of your stitching talents.
    I'd eat it first!