Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whether you spend the day alone, with friends, with family, or with your sweetheart, may you find yourself in the company of those who love and cherish you.  Remember to be good to yourself!

One ornament finish today - the Quaker Valentine I'd stitched while I was out of town.  The chart is a freebie from a French site called Eliza's Passions... but my attempts to go there to give you a link wound up leading to a flashing blinkie bit of web scariness I didn't stick around at long enough to figure out what happened to it.  The chart is called Coeur 08 if you'd like to try to locate it.

That's all the finishes I'm in the mood for today - the day is grey and the wind is howling like crazy, and I'd rather go clean up my kitchen and put together a nice chocolately dessert for tonight.  My daughter's boyfriend decided he would like to take over my kitchen and make us pancakes for dinner which is just too sweet to say no to - and then we're watching a scary movie because too much sugar is bad for us!

(Don't worry - they had their Valentine's date out all day yesterday.  And I'll have mine this weekend when Michael comes in for a few days.)

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  1. Cute ornie.

    Hubs and I went out last night too. I think he's cooking tonight.