Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's Cookin' This Week: 2/20 - 2/26

I'm noting a consistency about our meals lately - first, there is almost always some juggling of when we eat in spite of my listing days for specific meals, it rarely works out that way.  The second thing I am noticing is that I actually only end up cooking 4 meals a week.  Either there are extra leftovers I didn't account for, or one or the other of us isn't home.

So for a little while at least, I'm just going to be listing four meals here, and not specifying the dates to have them, and see how that works out.


(update - this was amaaaazing.  I had a couple unexpected extra people eating, so I shredded the pot roast into the sauce and served it over the noodles, and people raved.  Defnitely going to try this again!)


Taco Salad

(family favorite and regular meal possibility)


Italian Sausage in a Bun
Potato and Sweet Potato Salad
Green Beans


Chicken Curry
Coconut Rice

(another family favorite, and in regular rotation - made using the Japanese Curry bricks found in the Asian section of grocery stores.)

(Note:  Adult daughter came by to do laundry on Monday, and made Chicken Chili for us.  Other non-planned nights involved leftovers and one night was about Wendy's... a pretty rare treat for us.)

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