Friday, February 25, 2011

Go Clean Your Room!

It has been a very grey, gloomy day - started out with pouring rain in the mid-50s, then threw in some high winds on top of that... and then the temps dropped about 30 degrees and now it's snowing.  And all day, it felt like the sun was struggling to come up, and failing.

I was pretty achy through all that, but feeling a bit better now.  I spent a couple hours dealing with this: (cue the scary Psycho music here):

My bedroom has turned into the catch all spot for everything I want out of public sight, but don't want to deal with - including my clean laundry.  Somehow, I just keep not having enough steam after washing, drying and (sometimes) folding to get it put away.  Nope, get it right up to five feet from the drawers where it should be and leave it... THAT makes sense.

Today, I gave myself a good lecture on the stupidity of this lack-of-plan, brought my little iPod speakers back to the bedroom and started sorting, folding, and putting things in drawers and closet.

I wound up with a nice big pile of stuff I either don't like or can't fit into, which will be going into a yard sale later in the spring.  I'm going to have more to add to that once I get into my closet and go through those items as well - but this is a great start!

I think I've probably got to weed through the stuff I put away one more time and ask myself, "Do you really need this? Do you LOVE it?"  because I've got more casual shirts than any human being needs - I could not do laundry for two months and have enough shirts to always have something clean to wear. 

But rolling them (instead of folding them) not only lets me put more into the drawer than I could otherwise, it also makes them less wrinkly. (That little trick helps when you're packing into a carry-on, too).  The other advantage of that is that in three months, when I'm deciding what stuff to get rid of, a good start will be the shirts that are still rolled up and not living in a basket on the hope chest (hah! That's a joke. I hope.)

I've still got a ton of work to do on my bedroom but I'm going to try chipping away at it a little bit every day until it starts making me feel happy to be in there.

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