Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb New Moon TUSAL

The New Moon is in Aquarius, ushering in all all sorts of idealistic energy - it's a great time to express our higher aspirations.  Creativity melds with individuality and the spark of the divine we each carry within us, so that the work we do with our hands become an act of spirit - a manifestation of what we hold sacred.

It's a good moon cycle to encompass the romantic focus of Valentine's Day, don't you think?  It helps us understand that love is how we best express the sacred perspective in our interactions with one another and ourselves.

Love infuses the work we do with our hands as well - each stitch an act of devotion, each thread a bond between the mundane and the divine.

Not every stitch I make is an act of meditation - but when I can, I try to stitch mindfully, to let the needle act as rosary, to count off little chants of worship... to remind me that some things are temporary, and some can be threaded together to be strong and much more permanent.

I thought to photograph my ort jar in the window to show off the snow that accumulated overnight - but by noon it was gone again.   Very transitional day, and I am very tired... I would like to hibernate and wake up again when spring is really, finally here.

Scattered thoughts...nap time.


  1. Your jar looks lovely. I mindfully stich when I knit or crochet. Best...Amy

  2. Pretty Ort jar. You can keep the snow ;)

  3. I stopped by your blog today. I had never heard of Tusal before or an ort jar.