Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stitching Finishes 2011

I've been focusing on my challenge projects, so I haven't gotten much done in the way of smaller projects - I've got a growing stack of smallish items that need to be finished off, and will get to those very soon.  But meanwhile, there are a couple items that are done and I want to record them before I forget them.

First is the TARDIS...remember this?  It was for Michael, but I'd not quite gotten in finished in time for Christmas.  It's all stitched up now, and I need to get some time with a real camera to get decent pictures and get the directions written down so I can put the pattern up on Etsy.  Slight is the case with all prototypes - I figured out some things as I went along, and in hindsight could have done better - the cross stitch part makes me happy.... it's the finishing.  So, I'm a bit leery of posting this for sale when I may well have a better way of handling it in a few months. Mull..mull....

The second little finish is the biscornu I worked while out at Michael's this past time.  Worked in shades of blue and pink (because it was sort of transitional between January and February), with small matching buttons.  This shows both sides of it - I'll be making these throughout the year, and they are going to wind up being at least some of the Christmas ornaments I give out this year.

Over this next week, I'm going to be getting a few of my other small stitchery finishes done and turned into ornaments, and my stitching focus is going to be back on the UU Blackwork Chalice until it's finished - I want to get it done and framed as soon as possible so it's ready for the auction next month.

In spite of Winter grabbing us all by the collective throats and shaking us - I just noticed the thermometer is over 50F today!  I'll be happy to finally turn my attention to spring, and hope that next year Winter and I have a happier relationship.

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  1. i'm a new follower of yours (might even be your newest lol). i LOVE your TARDIS ornament!! is it on your Etsy site yet? & how do i find you there (what is your Etsy name?)?