Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stitchery Challenge Progress

I finished putting some time in with each of my Challenge Projects this month and wanted to share the few I hadn't already.

The growth chart continues to be a bit of a slog with all that white in the cloud... I got about a third of the white fill done, and decided to move onto some color with the bird and do a little backstitch to see how it's all going to look.

I'm going to be very proud of myself when this is done even if some of the doing is tougher than it seems!  Once I get past the cloud, it should be more fun ... smaller blocks of color to work with.

The day I worked on the Celestial Gathering kit was pretty busy, so I wasn't able to do very much - I did get the Libra constellation done.  I really like how these are being handled....the pictorial image is done in black cross stitch (set on navy blue cloth it is only slightly darker than the surrounding background), and then three shades of blue and purple done in half stitch surround the image, which makes it sort of 'glow'.  Light yellow French Knots and straight stitch connecting lines for the actual constellation and small white french knots are sprinkled around as additional stars.  I'm going to be at this chart for a long, long time but I am really enjoying it.

I worked a bit more on my Time Dr Who chart...still worried that the color variations are too subtle, but hoping it will feel different once more of it has been laid out.  This first time stitching of a personal design is as much a mystery to me as to anyone... but I'm thinking that once it's done, I'm going to want to adjust colors and stitch it again.  (If it works out right it will become clear that this is a portion of a pocket watch.)

This is the Stitcherhood's Woodland Friends with some slight variations (turning the moons around and altering the hair and dress colors) - I'm loving this one so much, I think it may be my favorite out of the 15, and I should have it finished with just another day or two of work.  I can't wait to have it done and on display - my photo isn't doing the coloring any justice at all.

For now, having paid attention to each of the Challenges, I've turned back to the Blackwork UU Chalice and will be staying with it until I get it done - at this pace, that should be by the weekend, which is just perfect as I want to get it into a frame while Michael is here and sent back with him to avoid any possible complications about getting it to the auction (I plan to be there, but the best laid plans and all that yadda yadda).

So that's it from my needle for now!

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  1. OH wow I love the stitchy progress. I can't wait to see more Dr. Who. Woodland Friends is coming along nicely too.