Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I've decided to try to keep my stitchery progress reports to Wednesday, to create a little more balance in this blog.  (Try, she said - set a rule, break a rule...count on it!)

Another little Christmas ornament finish - this is Decos de Noel: Sapin, a complimentary graph from Chouett'alors!, a fun designer from France.  I'm not going to try to turn these Christmas pieces into ornaments until next fall, after I've moved.  It's much easier to pack and store a baggie filled with flat bits of fabric than it is a whole lot of ornaments - plus that will allow me to coordinate their finishing so that they seem to match one another better, for families where each person is getting an ornament.

In other stitching, I've made a bit more progress on the Gift of Stitching Mystery Sampler (it's not a mystery when you stitch it long after the fact... this is from 2007).  I'm loving the way the colors ... just two shades of DMC variegated floss) just pop off the tan Aida.  I'm still mulling how I'll finish this - I thought perhaps it might be a panel of a rolled pillow, and now I'm thinking a small wall hanging.  Eventually I'll figure it out.

The stitching is slow going - a combination of being distracted by other things and hands needing to take it easy, but this is remaining one of my favorite pieces among the Challenge 15.

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  1. hmmmmmm set a rule, break a rule.....I know that song and's one of faves...tee hee The Olde Bagg, Linda