Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two More Finishes

I got distracted yesterday by teenagers and never got around to posting - second snow day in a row, so some of Deanna's friends came over to watch movies and hang out.  And somehow I convinced them that what was needed was actually a Doctor Who Christmas special marathon (I think we gained a convert), and while watching, I had an idea I needed to pursue (regarding a cross stitch design that's been in my head for awhile), and that following myself down that rabbit trail occupied most of the rest of my day. (And I think I love it - though I need to adjust some colors, as the test run stitchery was a bit too dark with not enough contrast.)  I'll share that later this month, after I'm sure I know where it's going.

Meanwhile, I also got two more ornaments finished - these are for daughter #3.  Both charts are from the Oct/Nov 2010 issue of Cross Stitch Card Shop.  The "New Home" ornament commemorates the momentous occasion of getting their own place, and Hailey's "Num Num" ornament has to do with her favorite word and favorite food.

I used a drinking glass to outline a circle on foam core board, and then laced the stitchery to the board.  The back is a circle of felt, and then I used some sheer red ribbon to lay flat around the edges and to create the hanging loop.

I'm still not a fan of finishing but I these seem to work up more easily - I'm not sure if that has to do with the lack of corners to have to deal with, or if repetition is just making it easier.  Either way, I had both of these done up yesterday morning before Deanna even work up.

Now I have Deanna's ornament and blanket to do, and Michael's ornament (which is going to be the design I said I was working on) and then that's it for mandatory stitching in December.  I'm also making a pair of non-stitched ornaments for Michael's brother and his wife, and have a finished bit of stitchery for his mom to be worked up into an ornament.

I am so happy my arthritic hands are allowing me to do this this year - it's always in my mind that eventually I won't be able to work a needle anymore.  I'm hoping to be able to spend some time with each of my grandchildren as they get older and offer to show them how to stitch... it's a trend that comes and goes, but passing it down will keep it alive.

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