Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Haulidays from Chronicle Books!

Well, goodness!  Nothing makes window shopping fun like the possibility of actually winning what you pick out - $500.00 worth of possibility!  That's what Chronicle Books is offering with their Happy Haulidays Giveaway!  Submitting your entry isn't fast but it is very, very fun.  Go pick out $500.00 worth of items from Chronicle Books and either post it on your blog or, if you don't have a blog (or don't want to confess your undying love for all things undead), comment on a participating blog - or all of them (the list is on the giveaway page) - one blog and one commenter from the winning blog will win that blog writer's list of books.  So you want to actually graze the lists and comment on any whose list matches your taste!

Here's mine - it's got a bit for me (crafts, cookbooks, misc.), a bit for gifts to my grandchildren and my youngest daughter, and a couple items for my boyfriend.  If it looks good to you, leave a comment!  The giveaway ends on Dec 10th, and winners are announced Dec. 13th - so enough time to know if it's coming for Christmas, even if it doesn't get there by then. 

Sock Monkey and Friends Kit, $17.99
The Button Factory, $18.95 (preorder - Feb 23, 2011)
World of Geekcraft, $19.95 (preorder - Feb 23,2011)
Symbols of Ancient Mexico Rubber Stamps, $19.95
Silhouette Art, $18.95 (on back order)

The Commonsense Kitchen, $35.00
Slow Cooker: The Best Cookbook Ever, $24.95
The Irish Pub Cookbook, $24.95
Kitchen Garden Box, $18.95

The Lifeboard: Follow Your Vision, $22.95
Pocket Ruled Muleskin Volante Notebook - Purple (Set of 2), $8.95

The Grandparents Handbook, $16.95
The Ultimate Book of Cardgames, $19.95
Brain Boot Camp, $29.95

GIFTS TO GRANDCHILDREN: (Age ranges newborn to age 10)
Masterpuppet Theatre: The World of Shakespeare at Your Fingertips, $14.95
Sound Bingo, $16.99
Julius! All About Me, My World, and My Life (So Far), $12.99
Ten Little Rabbits, $6.99
Dinosaurs! Lacing Cards, $14.95
Super Duper Art & Craft Activity Book, $12.95
Flip-a-Face Furry Friends: Same and Different, $9.99
Trucks Go, $8.99

Batman: Murder at Wayne Manor: An Interactive Mystery, $24.95
College Safety 101, $16.95 (preorder: Mar. 9, 2011)
Pride & Prejudice and Zombies 2011 Calendar, $13.99

The Sherlock Holmes Handbook, $16.95
I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions, $14.95
City Walks: Washington DC, $14.95


  1. Oh fun list! I have a toddler and a 16-year-old step-daughter, so I see lots of stuff I like (and crafty stuff for me is good too!) Hope you win :)

  2. Thanks for posting about this, I'm going to pick some, it's like shopping without the bill!
    Hope you win!

  3. Oh, love your list. Good luck to the both of us!

    And thank you to Chronicle Books.

    jcamp2020 at aol dot com

    good job..wish I was in your family!

  4. What a great list of books!


  5. Love your choices! Good luck!


  6. Lovin' your list! Here's hoping for a win!

    Mollydedwards AT yahoo DOT com