Friday, December 3, 2010

3rd Day of Yule: Trimming the Tree(s)

I officially have way too many ornaments - two trees, packed full (admittedly, placement of the trees necessitate that the backsides are left unadorned), a good bunch of less favored ornaments left in the box this year - and this after culling a big bunch of them by passing them onto Jackie when she moved out.  Goodness!  I think next year I may have to divide up what I have left and pass on a package to each of my daughters because one thing I can be sure of... I am not going to stop acquiring ornaments.  Best to admit your weaknesses, no?

Deanna brought a friend home with her after school to help with the tree trimming and I think they did a great job - I snagged a few more ornaments for my smaller tree, hung still more from the top of the window curtain rod (no picture - impossible to get one that was even half good, but there is a row of ceramic painted santas and snowflakes running along the top of the window)

Part of the challenge of decorating this year is a toddler at the stage of 'what? don't touch THIS? Like THIS? What? You mean I'm not suppose to touch it ten seconds after you just said no?  How about now? Now? You have to go to the bathroom sometime, Nana, and then watch out!!!"  all said with a look that makes it impossible not to laugh.

The other part is a cat who loves to eat plastic - and since I don't want to have her stomach pumped to rid herself of bits and pieces of my holiday cheer, I try to keep things out of reach, and not dangling in too tempting  a manner.  So far, Frankie is content to curl up at the base of the tree and look up - but I'm keeping an eye out.

I just have to show off a few of my current favorite ornaments - I put them all on the smaller tree as that just seemed to be where they needed to go.

The first just makes me grin every year when I pull it out - it's a plain glass ball with a very realistic lifesized little mouse perched up on the outside of it:

The other two I wanted to record specially are the newest additions - picked up last year and I WISH I could remember the company that made them - these are the first two ornaments Michael and I picked out together and they came in really stunningly decorated paper mache boxes.  Aren't they pretty??

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  1. Your tree is just beautiful! Makes me ache for all of my ornaments. This year I had to do a much smaller one because of the size of our house and we are too cramped right now. Those little things that we hang, have such sweet memories, each and everyone of them. I see you do the pagan blog prompts too :) I found you on the Yule Blog Party list and just wanted to come by to say hello and to wish you brightest blessings for your Yule.
    Wytch with Wings of a Dragon

  2. make me laugh with your description of a toddler and the tree. I have grandsons who are three yrs old and it fits them to a T

  3. Oh that mouse ornament made me laugh!! Too cute. ;)
    I have a kitty that likes to munch on the branches. He doesn't actually eat them, just chews on them occasionally! haha.
    Thanks so much for linking up to the Ornament Party!!

  4. LOL. I think I have way too many ornaments, too. I have a hard time editing. I love your tree! The mouse ornament is too cute.