Sunday, December 5, 2010

5th Day of Yule: New Moon in Sagittarius

Anyone feeling particularly inspired today?  It's a New Moon and she's traveling through Sagittarius right now, creating a sense of optimism, desire for freedom, and an openness to trying new things or doing old things in new ways.

The New Moon is a great time for starting things. What's begun now has a good chance to come to full manifestation by the Full Moon on the 21st (if you work it, of course), and with Sagittarius, that especially means projects that are new to you - a new technique, or something you 'never thought you could do'.  It's a great time to shed old habits and developing new habits that work better for you.

Make a start on it now - even if all you have time to do is gather supplies or write up a list of steps to take.  Set your intention to have it done by Yule.  From what I understand, things are about to get a little rough, between retrograde Mercury next week making communications wonky, and the Moon moving into stolid, restrictive (reality-check) Capricorn tomorrow.  So giving our intentions a bit of expansive Sagittarian New Moon energy can only help.

Tonight, I'll be creating my list of things to accomplish over the next couple of weeks, organizing what I need to do to set them in motion, and lighting a candle and having a bit of 'cakes and ale' to set my intentions. (I keep my rituals small, because whenever I think I might do more, I wind up failing to do them at all)

With this New Moon, we beginning gearing up for all that will manifest at Yule - for me, now is when the season seriously begins.


  1. ugh. already feeling it. However, I did start working creatively in a different way, so I feel that part as well. And I am SO working what I want to manifest. Ridiculously. I agree about keeping rituals small - I believe in doing the same simple things over and over, and not worrying too much about every little thing. Thanks for this post - very informative and supportive!!

  2. Oh I agree about keeping the ritual small. I would not hardly ever do any at all if they HAD to be long drawn out affairs!!

  3. I SERIOUSLY need to remove a lot of stuff from the LR that will be absorbing heat from the wood stove, and we so need it lit now...apparently the cold is now here to stay.
    I will move some stuff tonight and make a list for how to do it in short bursts (I'm disabled, so I can't do a lot at one time) Thanks for telling me tonight is the best time to do this.

    warm blessings,

  4. Explains why I've been laboring over this one silk piece for way too many hours. I know it'll look fabulous when I'm done, but right now, I'm hurting.