Friday, December 3, 2010

No Peeking!!

I want to note this but I have to say up front - to the one person I know that knows me and reads this, do not follow the link I'm about to post, or I shall refer to you as Scrooge McScroogety until the end of time. You know who you are!

I won a giveaway today from Flamingo Toes!  It's a lovely (mumblety mumble) which you can see if you follow that link and scroll down til you see that LyndaB won a (mumblety mumble) which is going to be a gift for Mr. You-Know-Who-Who-BETTER-Not-Peek!

Thank you Bev for the awesome giveaway!  And to Bragging Bags, the Etsy store that offered what I won!  This made my day!

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