Monday, December 6, 2010

Some Finishes...Finally

I was ahead of my original goal on getting ornaments made, but then I sort of derailed last week on getting the finishes done.  But I got second daughter's family's set done last night and put them out in the mail today.

I had such a hard time with this... they kept wanting to go crooked on the backing board (wasn't until the third time I thought to hold it steady with some pins... I am so bad and finishing ornaments!), but I really like the way they came out in the end!

I'd done the parents' ornament early on, using a neat pattern from For the Love of Cross Stitch, Nov 2001.  It's worked on plastic canvas in two parts (each section is actually a square with four square corner tabs - the second one is only stitched in the tabs).  The two pieces are hooked together by the tabs, and then I used red foam cut to cover the whole thing to back the ornament.  The tabs are not glued down, so they turn up slightly like petals.

When I went to do the kid's ornaments I wanted to coordinate the first one, but not by direct copying - so I used red and green aida to match the colors of the first, along with a common size and checkerboard border, but then I personalized each one to the kid's preferences.

 Anthony is in 1st grade, and he just got a dog this year - he also has a favorite stuffed toy dog that is blue and white.  I'm pretty sure this dog is neither of those breeds - but it is cute and I enjoyed stitching it!
The pattern is Comedy Dog by Clair Compton, a free download from The Chart Shop.  I changed the greys in the pattern to blues - and realized I'd gone off by a couple stitched in figuring out what size to make the border.  Luckily, he looks just fine overlapping the border a wee bit on the bottom.

I am just not getting a good picture of the ones on green fabric, so some of the color is washed out here.  Anastasia is four years old, and this year she played on a soccer team for the first time, and enjoyed it a lot.  The team was called the Bunnies, so I wanted to do something to commemorate that.  I'm frustrated with the crediting on this - once I figure it out, I will come back and list sources.  The bunny came from a freebie Easter graph from somewhere (I can't even find the graph now) and I changed the bow from pastel to Christmasy red.  The little soccer ball motif came from a separate source, lifted from a larger soccer related chart - from Stony Creek, I think.  I had recharted them in order to set placement - and now I can't remember the original sources.  Document, document, document, Lynda!

The color is a bit off on this picture - the green of the dinosaur is a vibrant crayon green.  The graph comes from Leisure Art's "More Designs For Little People".  David is 3 and is all about all things dinosaur right now.  I really like how the colors on this one are so nice and bright - it was fun to do and fast to stitch up.

Finally, baby Charlie - seven months old, and a cuddly, chubby fellow dubbed "Charlie Bear" by his parents.  So a bear pattern made sense.  And ARGH, I'm flaking now on the source for this as well... it came from one of the million graph books or magazines I have on hand.  Here again, once I remember what it was from, I'll post it.   And I promise I'll keep better records from here one out - I just can't trust my memory at all anymore.

So, now I have two more finishes for Daughter #3, then to finish stitching, and make up Deanna's ornament... then a bit of stitching for Michael's family (needn't have those done til Christmas Eve, though), and Deanna's baby blanket to finish.  It's all coming along!

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  1. These are fabulous, Lynda! I love Anthony's doggie one ~ that hair cracks me up!

  2. I have to agree with Daffycat, the hair on that dog is too funny! Love all your talent :D Thank you for linking up to "Amaze Me Monday" blog party. I hope to see you next week!