Friday, May 27, 2011

I love it when Tarot goes all Smart-Aleck

I've been busy all week cleaning, and sorting, and moving things around - and finding it all very hard to prioritize what should get done first.

So today, I decided to pull a couple Tarot cards - not sure at all that it could actually give me a household task, but what the heck, right?   I know what my grand list of Things To Do is - I just want to know which one needs attention right now.

I used the Goddess Tarot, because it was what I laid eyes on first and ask, "What is my highest priority right now?" and intending to read the answer in terms of To Dos - not get lost in the metaphoric big picture weeds.

The 6 of Swords shows a woman and all her swords (her ideas/thoughts/worries/to-do list) in a little boat slowly working its way across the water.  The Big Picture answer is - just keep working steadily.  And that is very true!  Keep moving, accept that the pace is slow, but make gradual improvement is the only way this is going to get done.

But ...where to start now?  Well - the second I saw this, I thought.. BATHROOM.  The watery place that is my nemesis and that needs some *help*. Today.

But...but, sez, I... I don't WANNA.  Because I'm a whiner like that, and of course deep down, what I really want is to be let off the hook - tell me I badly need to, um... sort out my spices instead?

So I draw another card - because that's what we do when we don't like that first answer so much, right?  And I get this, but reversed.

The 8 of Cups - which shows a woman getting all her little emotional cups in a row, and then walking away from them - leaving something behind because it isn't giving you the emotional satisfaction you felt it should.

Reversed. As in, DON'T DO THAT.  If you wait to 'feel like it', It'll never get done!

Dagnabbit. The Goddess has spoken... I'm cleaning my bathroom today.


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