Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Can Explain....

Oh my I miss posting here! I miss checking in on everyone else, too - I knew this time period was going to be insane, but knowing it and feeling it are so often different things, and I am starting to feel seriously overwhelmed.

My youngest graduates in 2 weeks, and family is coming out to attend that. I'm having a yardsale in 3 weeks.  She is heading to Thespian Nationals for a week in 4 weeks. I am moving in 6 weeks - and she's moving in with a friend at the same time.

Meanwhile, money is squeaky tight, and I'm getting very little help from my daughters or my son in law - and I don't mean asking for a lot extra, but a lot that I've BEEN asking for for months now that is theirs to do, like getting the upper floor I let them live in for 2 years cleaned out and scrubbed, and to finish up on commitments with a couple large items they promised to do - and got paid for on that assurance.

Time is running out, and I am never happy when I have to crack the whip - I'm one of those freaks who'd rather let things go to hell then have to repeatedly nag after it's become clear that no one is wasting a lot of worry ovre whether or not they're letting me down.  (Oh for goodness sake, someone slap me for whining.)

Yikes... this may be why I'm not posting much - rants!  It isn't helping that there's been a lot of rain, leading to a lot of achiness and loss of energy.  I just keep running face first into things I need done that I can't do, and then everything is waiting on other people.

So while I'm being cranky and busy, I won't be posting a whole lot - it should all pick back up in July, where I'll be happily setting things up, which I find much more fun and fruitful than getting things ready to move.

I hope you'll bear with me!

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