Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday: A Start, A Finish, and a Bit of Progress

I've been doing a lot of decluttering and sorting, so my stitching time has been in small bits this week - I managed a little every day, usually in the evening while watching a movie - but my main focus has been trying to downsize what I plan to hang onto after I move.

A couple days ago, I got through one large bookshelf (out of four that I have filled with books) and culled 35 books to sell at an upcoming yard-sale.  I'm setting a goal of 120 books total to pass on to others - things I don't plan to reread, things that reflect interests I have moved away from.  It's tough - I'm definitely the sort of person who feels good the more surrounded I am by my books, but sometimes, you have to let things go, if only to make room for new things and new experiences, and now is my time to do just that.

Poor Deanna is also going through this same process - except her piles are "Toss", "Give away/sell", "Have Mom hold onto" and a small "Keep" pile.  Her mantra right now is "I haaaate this!!!!"  I do feel for her - the first time is rough and it feels like you're stripping away your childhood.

So anyway.... stitching!

First, a small finish - a little spring ornament from Prairie Schooler's "Spring Miniatures" Collection:  It was fast, simple and looks very sweet.  A nice little project to help bring in the Spring Equinox. 

I will be working one or two more at least from that series this month - they're very fast and pleasant to stitch.

Next, a new start that I'll be finishing up over the next couple weeks - this is The Sampler Girls Irish Needlebook pattern.  The picture shows half of it - I actually am about half way through the other half, and then there is all the finishing to do.  Mine has a different tone than Sampler Girl's original - I used pale blue even weave and DMC colors.  I'm loving the way its coming out, and looking forward to using the needlebook once it's finished.

And finally, with a new month comes another run at each of my challenge projects. I have them all bagged up in a larger back, and yesterday I reached in and pulled out at random the Celestial Gatherings kit, and put in some time working on the moon.  This one continues to be slow going - but I so like the way it's turning out and it's going to be gorgeous when it's complete.

So that's it for this week - I expect this next week will be mainly occupied with working on Challenge projects and I hope I'll have a lot to show off next Wednesday!

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