Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back Again

Michael and I drove back over the mountains yesterday - he'll spend the rest of the week here with me before we head into another period of separation.  I'm honestly at the point of no longer really knowing which way is 'home' ... just about three months to go before moving, but so much to deal with before then.

Daughter did a good job on her own - this was her test run (with a lot of available local support, including her sister), and I think it spelled out for her just how important it is that she learn to cook a few things.  The easy dinner I'd left in the freezer for her got old fast, from what she said.  So good on that - I'll try to get her into the kitchen more often to prepare a few of her favorite meals.  That's one of those things we keep saying, but she has had no honest interest in actually doing before now.

I had a lovely little package waiting for me - I won Witchy Gumbo's sweet little clay goddess tea light holder.  She did mine in a beautiful peacock blue and opening the package and placing it on my altar was just about the first thing I did last night.

Isn't she lovely??  I love how her expression of calm seems to turn to a smile once the tea light is lit.

This morning, we're just chillin', but I'm going to need to get myself resituated this afternoon - figure out what groceries are still on hand, figure out my menu plan, clean out the refrigerator, put away my things... The weather is grey and somewhat drippy...more suited to curling up with a good book.

Oh!  I had neglected to let you all know what happened on Sunday - when we went back to church, I got a whole lot of really positive comments about my blackwork piece, along with commiseration at it's going for a lower price than it should have, and people hoping I'd submit something for next year's anyone (of course!).  And then one woman asked if she could commission me to make another for her daughters (at Davies UU, the children come up and sing the hymn quoted in the piece, as well as express it in sign language).  So I'll be stitching her one - same over all style, but changing the various blackwork design blocks and using purple and pink threads.  I'm also going to incorporate her children's names in Ogham, as they are named after Ogham trees.  So fun challenge for me and getting paid for it.  Good times!


  1. Oh! I'm glad she made it to you and that you are enjoying her!

  2. I'm enjoying her very much - she makes me smile everytime I pass by!

  3. Yeah on your daughter learning to cook! I've been married almost 7 years now and still haven't learned! I just wasn't interested all that much and I married someone who cooks well ;)

    Very nice candle holder.

    Yeah on the positive comments on your stitching!