Sunday, March 3, 2013

What's Cookin', Mar 3 - 9

Yesterday, we visited P.A. Bowen Farmstead, owned by Sally Fallon and Gregory Morell.  Sally Fallon Morell was in the store yesterday, talking to visitors and signing books, and showing the area where their cows are milked.

That was a nice addition to our regular run - we go there on the first Saturday of every month to buy our meat for the month.  We got our copy of Nourishing Traditions signed, chatted for a bit, and rounded up a whole lot of meat, some local raw honey, Celtic sea salt, as well as a copy of Tender Grassfed Meat, by Stanley A. Fishman.

All together, the meat itself was about $190.00 for the month.  We are still getting used to this change in routine (it has to do with my income now coming in at the beginning of the month, once a month, instead of every two weeks) - I lay in an order with Mountain Rose Herbs for tea, whatever spices need replacing, along with a few other goodies - this month, I focused on growing my essential oil stash.  An order to Amazon for a few things, the meat run to the farm, and one big produce/grocery run we'll do later today to get us through the next week or so, weekly deliveries of milk, eggs and butter from South Mountain Creamery, and that's pretty much it for me for the month.  Additional produce and other things that come up are handled by Michael as we need them. 

It is a very different way to shop from what I am used to - the grocery store is only one element, and not the most important one.  Once Farmers Market season starts up, it will be even more negligible, as most of our produce will come from Markets rather than the store.

Shopping this way also means that I have to meal plan for a month rather than a week, and that's a huge change in mindset that I expect will take awhile to get comfortable with.

There is also some mental overlap, particularly in purchasing oils and herbs and items like cocoa butter - these will get turned into household products and personal care products... so are they a household expense, or a hobby expense? For me, they are both, and I assure you, I never ever got that sense of personal satisfaction from buying Tide and Pine-Sol.  It feels indulgent and frugal and creative and useful all at the same time.

Our menu last week got way off track, and I'm not really sure why - here is what we actually ate:

Sunday, Feb 24
Leftover Chicken
Steamed cauliflower


Monday, Feb 25
Grain-Free Pumpkin Pancakes
(the recipe I tried was not as good as I'd have liked, so I didn't share it)

Tuesday, Feb 26
(forgot to take pictures - this was really good!

Wednesday, Feb 27 (Meeting tonight)
Leftover Pancakes
Orange Slices

Thursday, Feb 28
Taco "Fixings"

Friday, Mar 1
Leftover Pork Carnitas

Saturday, Mar 2
Party at a friend's house.

So, here are my meal plans and my personal intentions for the week:

Sunday, Mar 3
Cornish Hen

To do: 
Grocery shop

Monday, Mar 4
Grain-Free Pizza

To do:
Make Ghee
Wrinkle Reducing Face Mask
Inventory Cross Stitch WIPs

Tuesday, Mar 5
Grain-Free Breadsticks

To do:
Deep Clean kitchen
Clean out kitchen drawers.

Wednesday, Mar 6
Coconut Tortillas

To do:
Continue cleaning kitchen

Thursday, Mar 7

To do:
Make Elderberry Syrup
Stitch n Bitch Get-Together at Davies UU

Friday, Mar 8
Pork Tenderloin Medallions
Butternut Squash

To do:
Finish Kitchen

Saturday, Mar 9
Davies UU Annual Fellowship Dinner - 5:30
Potluck - our dish TBD

To do:
Take down beef brisket
Intro Drop Spindle Spinning Class!   

It should be a busy and interesting week!  We may be getting some snow in the middle of all this, so as ever, my intentions are dependent on my energy and pain levels.

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