Saturday, February 16, 2013

What's Cookin - Feb 17 - 23

This past week, we kept meal times pretty simple, and also ate out twice (once on purpose, once because we were too busy to cook).  Otherwise, we mostly managed to stick to the plan, and I even managed to make some cookies.  I snapped a couple photos of my dinner, but never did do any sort of entry about them. Here's what we actually ate:

Poker Day, ran long, so we ate out at Unos (they have a gluten-free menu, by the way)

Taco Salad - lettuce, tomato, olives, avocado,cheese, seasoned ground beef with black beans, salsa. No chips!

Taco Salad
Almond Flour Pancakes
Sauteed Apples and Pears with Walnuts

Roast Chicken with  Lemon and Garlic
Roasted Asparagus
Sliced Avocado and Tomatoes

Roast Chicken and lots of veggies

Thursday: (I had a meeting, Michael cooked)
Leftover Chicken
Roasted Cauliflower and Sweet Potatoes

I made cookies:
Grain Free Almond Cookies

Grain-Free Almond Cookies

Valentine's Dinner out at McCormick & Schmidt

Broiled Ham Steak
Riced Cauliflower

Also: Making bone broth

Our plan for this coming week:

Sunday, Feb 17:
Cinnamon Beef and Mushroom Stew with Orange Gremolata

Monday, Feb 18:
Pub Moot - Eating Out at Dogfish Head Alehouse

Also: rendering Tallow

Tuesday, Feb 19:
 Pork Carnitas and Fixings
Coconut Flour Tortillas

Wednesday, Feb 20:

Also: Making Ghee

Thursday, Feb 21:
Cornish Hens
Veggies (tbd)
Grain-Free Mini Donuts for Dessert

Friday, Feb 22:
Grain-Free Pizzas

Saturday, Feb 23:
Cole Slaw
Veggies (tbd)

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