Friday, February 22, 2013

D is for Dreary Days of Winter

Today has been so dreary!  It's one of those days where it seems like the sun never quite rose properly - dark, and grey, and not quite raining. Just dribbling half-frozen sleet.  I can't seem to get warm, because the damp, dark wet is just settling into my bones like pools of stagnant sludge.

We had to head out early this morning to pick up some medication for me, and that was no good way to begin the day - I don't think I've quite gotten unchilled since.

I had a lot of intentions for today - make some bagels (grain-free round breadlike savory shapes,  that is), clean and scrub out the refrigerator, organize and inventory the freezers, finish off the last of my bone broth simmering (with this last batch, they are nicely spongy, and I'm calling it done for now), prepare a large hunk of beef fat to be rendered into tallow.

All too much - too dreary - for such a dark, damp day.  I got the broth done. 

I did clear out the refrigerator of all forgotten detritus that is likely to grow legs and come kill us in our sleep, but I can't bring myself to hunch over, and bend and actually clean in there - tomorrow will be soon enough.  And the freezer? Please - it's freezing cold in there.

Same with handling giant lumps of fat - this is not a project for a day when everything feels cold and damp and gross.

There will be - if not bagels,  then some sort of breadlike substance in some random shape, to go with dinner, assuming dinner actually happens (that chicken isn't thawing out like it ought to - like everything else, it is cold, cold, cold).

This is really the first time I've really felt like this this winter - that it's gone on too long, that it is time for it to be OVER, that it is just simply too dreary to go on, even though we haven't even had that much of a winter here in DC.  But this is how we feel at this time of year, isn't?  The season is growing old and tired, and we are ready for something new and fresh and vibrant.

For today, I'll let my tasks go (but only briefly), and settle down with some warm tea and needlework until my gloom lifts and the sleet stops.  Even Sunna couldn't manage to get through her tasks and shine today - sometimes, you just have to go with it.

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