Sunday, February 10, 2013

Aquarius New Moon TUSAL

It's time for the monthly TUSAL: Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long, where we show off, not our stitching, but the snippets of thread left behind while stitching.  I'm excited just to have some snippets to show off - my poor TUSAL jar has sat empty for the better part of the past year.  I tucked it next to Sadie Beagle, because everything looks better next to a beagle.

Excuse me, but these do not look like snacks..

New Moons are a great time for beginnings - and Aquarius' New Moon encourages innovation, sociabiity, and 'thinking outside the box'.  What crazy ideas do you have that you can actually do something with this month?  Me... I've gone and gotten involved as a board member for a DC area theatre group that focuses on the horror genre in  the Grand Guignol tradition.  Molotov Theatre has been around awhile, but they are shaking things up and looking to step outside the small underground theatre box and create something unique and amazing...and by golly, I think it's going to happen.  I'm excited to have a little part of  that!

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  1. The theatre group sounds exciting. I love local theatre but don't have time to get involved with 2 young children. I did narrate the Preschool Nativity play this year, does that count? LOL