Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Libra New Moon TUSAL

Yesterday was this month's New Moon - falling in Libra this time, making this a great period in which to tackle issues of fairness and justice, and generate a personal state of balance and harmony.  As far as our homes go, the New Moon in Libra can help us begin projects that add beauty and aesthetic appeal without clutter, and suggests that this might be a good time to make sure that everyone's tastes and interests are reflected in the home.

I'm continuing to tackle the clutter issue here, and only very slowly able to stitch in small doses - for me, Balance has to do with honestly assessing my need/desire to be working on Christmas gift stitching, and the need to keep my hands fairly capable for other daily tasks.  I'm going to let this New Moon be my reminder that keeping that balance in mind isn't a failing, but rather is what I need for health and happiness.  That said, I wouldn't mind if my TUSAL jar were to overflow this next month with signs that I'm able to stitch at will again.

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  1. I have to smile at your description of the Libra New Moon, my hubby is a Libra and he's ALWAYS going on about things being "aesthetically pleasing", or not, usually when it's my clutter!
    All the men in my life are Librans (Grandad, Dad, Hubby and Large Boy) except Small Boy who is Aquarius which is the next best thing!