Monday, September 27, 2010

Mmmm... Coffee!

I mentioned that I've been going through a lot of changes over the last few months - here's the one that will make everyone who knows me laugh themselves silly.... I've switched to a half-caf blend of coffee.

I love coffee . No, I LOOOVVVVVEEEE coffee - I've been known to swear I have caffeine instead of blood in my veins.  High octane, dark, rich coffee...mmm.

But it turns out that maybe my little boastful jest was a bit true - because it turned on me a few months ago, and I started feeling a racing heart beat that was no fun at all!  Off to the doctor, and home again with a list of suggestions... reducing caffeine being at the top of my list.

It felt rather like someone was saying 'You know that last vice you love and cherish?  Get rid of it and after that why even bother to go on!"


Rather than completely eliminating it, I decided to avoid the killer headaches and drama, and start easing it down... a scoop of decaf this time.... a couple next time.  And kept going until I stopped feeling the scary heart throbs.

Right now I'm at half and half and that's working for me.  The slow switch let me avoid the caffeine withdrawals and the sudden taste shift (yes, decaf does taste different!).

I have only slipped once, and the symptoms immediately returned, so now I know.

My decaf of choice is Starbucks House blend - it seems to be a very neutral blend so it plays well with whatever else I'm using.  And I do so love to try new blends, so that was important to me... because when you're breaking a bad habit, it helps a lot to make sure that whatever is lest is high quality and fun!

Kristin at Frugality in the Making is having a giveaway of gift box from Community Coffee that includes a bag of their Crescent City Blend and a travel mug.   The coffee sounds like a smooth blend and it's nice to be put onto this company, as I've never heard of them before.

Looking at their site they've been around forever - 91 years in New Orleans!   They have a really nifty savings program for overseas military members, too - APO/FPO addresses can get 4 bags free when they buy 4.   I like companies that remember the special challenges military members face.

They've also got some neat non-consumable products, like a vintage logo sign and a really sweet ceramic container for coffee that would be very helpful in storing my mixed up blends.   I may be ordering that when I can whether I win a chance to taste their coffee or not!

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