Monday, September 27, 2010

Here we go again

As may be obvious, summer got away from me - lots of travel on my side that kept me away from home, and some big changes - the most notable being that my adult daughter, her husband and their one year old daughter got their own place.

So now it's just me and my youngest daughter, Deanna, who is a senior in high school which means she's on the go, non-stop.  So I have now gone from feeding a herd for years, to feeding two people at most - and frequently just myself.

Other changes involve a protracted period of tiny income requiring some creativity on my part to keep meals from feeling like desperation dinners, even when that is what they are.

One thing I'm learning - I don't need to cook as much as I think I do.  We can eat well by cooking 3-4 nights a week, and dealing with the leftovers on the remaining nights, and still spend less for food than I used to.
I am still menu planning.. but a lot of things wind up pushed back because she's not going to be home and I still have enough in the fridge to keep me happily fed.

So, I do want to pick up again here - menu planning, foods we try, along with other cost saving ideas and domestic pleasures.    :) Here we go again.

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